Water is the driving force of all nature...

And sometimes that force can drive us crazy! Mother Nature starts us off with a life giving, cool spring shower - cleansing all in its path. Then, for some unknown reason, she gets a bit of an attitude and decides to give us two days of torrential downpours! The result is way too much of a good thing! We either end up with a lot of water where we don’t want it or as the water leaves it takes things we want with it!

How can we control this force of nature?


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What it is:

HydroBlox™ is a unique solution for controlling how and where water flows. This permanent, non-clogging* filtration and water dispersement system might look like a black hunk of “mac & cheese” made up of intertwining noodles – but it is that structure that lets HydroBlox™ perform its main function – moving water from one place to another by using the basic principal of gravity and that water will take the route of least resistance.

* Non-clogging is backed by third party and University studies.

How it’s made:

HydroBlox™ is environmentally friendly! The patented manufacturing process uses 100% recycled plastics. The final product is individual light weight 9˝wide x 8´ long x approximately 2” thick planks that are easily handled and maneuvered - on site - using common hand tools.

How it works:

Bury HydroBlox™ in an area where you need to control the water. The planks can be laid flat, placed on edge or even stacked. There is no need for heavy equipment, geotextiles, drainage pipe, sand or aggregate. Just dig, then install the HydroBlox™ planks, making sure planks touch each other, and backfill - they will not crush or settle! As water is introduced to the planks (that absorb only water, not dirt or silt)**, filling the microscopic cracks and crevasses throughout the product, the planks get saturated. This is where gravity and the “laziness” of water take over - the water would rather flow downward and utilize the easier path through HydroBlox™ than “fight” its way back to its origin. Once one plank is saturated, the water then flows from plank to plank to its final destination - chosen by you!

** Water is absorbed and travels through HydroBlox™ while the fines are filtered

Water is released from HydroBlox™ when daylight is reached

How has it been used?

Even though over 70% of the earth is covered with water - there are some places where we just don’t want it… On slippery slopes!

Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization

HydroBlox planks offer exceptional drainage performance and erosion control for slopes and embankments. HydroBlox’s high-load strength and drainage capacity allow you to better manage stormwater to stabilize hillsides and prevent damaging mudslides along roadways, oil and gas pipelines, construction sites, and other infrastructures. Compatible with either hard or soft landscaping, where we work, sleep and play!



using it or moving it…

A) There is no better medium for green roofing and certainly no other product is as light weight and easy to install as a HydroBlox Green Roof System.

B) The development of green infrastructure and stormwater mitigation techniques on private property is a problem that now has a green solution and effectively complies with the MS4 requirements. HydroBlox Stormwater Systems are a superior alternative to typical drywells or trenches.

C) Why HydroBlox for Turf and Sports Drainage? An example - In just 4 hours, 424 feet of HydroBlox was installed on a level golf course. The overall project was made significantly less expensive by eliminating the need for aggregate and geotextile, and future recurring course maintenance. Transition boxes were used to connect to any existing pipes.

Solar Farm

A Solar Farm!

The newest HydroBlox patent pending application is now being used in solar field farms to control the water that cascades from solar panels. This innovative use of HydroBlox dramatically reduces the cost of construction of the solar panel field, but most importantly allows rainwater to seep back into the soil. The HydroBlox planks are installed along the drip line of each row of solar panels. The water then travels to a swale and is returned back to the soil.

Current Uses For HydroBlox™

  • Slope Stabilization
  • Sports Fields
  • Water Treatment
  • Golf Courses
  • Solar Industry
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Retention Walls
  • Residential
  • Green Building
  • Permeable Paving
  • Parking Lots
  • Foundations
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Highways & Railroads
  • Landfills

Can you think of any additional uses for HydroBlox?

Technical Information

ASTM C566-97 Water Absorption:

HydroBlox absorbs 605% more fluid than aggregate

ASTM C127-07 and ASTM E2380-09

Drainage/Flow Rate:

The flow rate for HydroBlox is 39.47 gallons per minute per square foot. Even by sealing 48% of the surface area of HydroBlox the flow was only reduced by 10.39%.

The conclusion is that HydroBlox is an excellent material for drainage and exceeds other forms of plastic exfiltration systems or construction materials used for the same purpose.

ASTM D5312-04

Freeze/Thaw Cycling:

Aggregates and cast stone have a net weight loss of between 1% to 15%. These materials crack and are transported away as fines.

HydroBlox after 45 cycles of -5˚F to 74˚F lost just .017%.

This is a difference of 5010%



HydroBlox's expansion and contraction is the same as other types of plastics used for drainage and construction. However, the compression strength of HydroBlox is far greater than any other plastic drainage material. Please see next result.

ASTM D1621-10

Compression Strength:

Even though HydroBlox is not a “solid” plastic, the compressive strength is over 36,000 lb./square foot with a 10% deformation.

Even at 5000 PSI there is no drop in the loading of HydroBlox.

Detailed results of independent laboratory testing supplied upon request

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