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Eliminate guesswork with the new…Electronic PE Pipewall Damage Indicator.

The only self-contained, electronic damage indicator that is fully portable and works on any surface. It allows an immediate, accurate decision about specific pipe damage and eliminates unnecessary cutouts.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensure your PE pipe wall damage is 10% or less
  • Simple to use by all field personnel
  • Digital readout accurate to 0.0008˝ or less
  • Instant zeroing provides a direct readout of the depth of the surface damage
  • Ensures PE meets safe pipe laying standards prior to burial
  • Especially valuable in lengthy Coil Pipe applications
  • Operates without adjustment on a full range of PE pipe from 2˝ to 20˝
  • Instant conversion from Imperial to Metric readout
  • Effective in many other depth or height measurement situations, including work on flat surfaces and for steel weld measurement

Pays for itself the first time you use it!
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