LOCATION Aiken County, SC


  • Lee Supply’s contractor customer is responsible for the quality of the gas that the end user receives. The gas had too much condensation present.


  • To field fabricate a sump, to act as a low point drain, which causes more of the condensate to drop out of the gas.
  • This was accomplished by the butt fusion of (2) 12″ Tees, (1) 12″ End Cap, (1) 12” Blind Flange, & 20′ of 12″ Pipe.
  • The sump was tied into the line with 12″ Electro-Fusion Couplings.
  • The contractor installed a pneumatic pump to keep the condensate pumped down.


  • Customer’s clients’ gas quantity and quality were enhanced

This is an existing pipeline in which a closed landfill is providing methane gas in lieu of natural gas to a neighboring industry.